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Nathalie Strazielle is registered as an independent expert and research scientist in neuropharmacology since 2000, and provides expertise and conducts applied or basic research studies for partners coming from the worldwide pharmaceutical industry and from public institutes. Her activities, running as the micro-enterprise Brain-i, focus on blood-brain interfaces.



Nathalie Strazielle This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Nathalie Strazielle has a extensive expertise in ex vivo and in vitro models of the blood-CSF barrier, in in vitro studies of transporter mediated processes in cellular barrier models and in in vitro cell migration experiments. Her role is to apply this expertise and contribute the in vitro model technology to investigate mechanisms of transport for drugs, large molecules and cells in normal and pathological conditions.



Nathalie Strazielle (Brain-i)

34, Rue du Dr Bonhomme
69008 Lyon

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